• Flattering Necklines

    I never really cared about necklines until I got into retail. I never thought about it really....Now I do. I know that I really like a V-Neck...I'm ok with Crew Neck/High Neck and I really dislike a scoop or boat neck. I do have a really cute tunic that I love that's a boat neck. Hey! We can all make exceptions right?

    Everyone has their personal preference...but do you know what neckline is best for you? Do you care? If you like it, you like it...why should you follow what an article tells you is "best for you"? Well, some of us don't really know what they like or what looks best on them so I've got a few tips for you ladies!

    The right neckline can balance your proportions, enhance the length of your neck (I definitely don't need that! Hello giraffe neck!), and flatter your figure. We are all looking for figure flattering clothes so ok maybe I do care which neckline is best for me. Unless it's the scoop ha ha.


    Ladies with broad shoulders and a straight waist, this one's for you! The openness of this neckline creates curves around your neck drawing the eye to the center of your figure. 

    A necklace tip for those who like to accessorize: Pair a collarbone grazing necklace for extra emphasis to the lady-like curvature of this neckline. 

    Boat Neck: it is. Perfect for a pear shape, this cut balances the upper and lower body. Ladies with broad shoulders might want to steer clear of this one as it could make you look even more broad. 

    For your necklace you want something that is long. Like a heavy pendant  or something edgy.

    The Button-Up

    Who doesn't love a good button up?! Keep buttoned for coverage or more relaxed with a deep V. If you are busty look for looser fits and draped fabrics.

    Long pendant type necklaces or shorter layered necklaces look great with this top.

    High Neck

    If you have a narrow face and a small chest, this is the look for you. The high neck with draw the eye out towards your shoulders so you look more proportioned. 

    No need for a necklace with this neckline.

    Scoop Neck I said earlier that I do not like scoop neck. Let me clarify...I do not like scoop neck shirts. I do like a scoop on a dress. Anyway...This look is universally flattering and perfect for small and larger busted ladies. 

    You want to say away from heavy/chunky necklaces as it will pull the neckline down. Stick with the dainty layered pieces here. 


    Again, this neckline is good for everyone. A higher V is great for us small busted ladies, while a deeper V helps elongate and slim the chest of larger bust women. 

    Have fun with your accessories on this neckline! Get a great statement piece and rock it!!

    I hope this was as helpful for you as it was for me!! Do you wear the necklines suggested for your body? I guess I pretty much do. So I'm going to stick with what I love! 



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