• Do they have an app for that?

    So it's almost time for those 3 words that most parents love and most kids hate... BACK TO SCHOOL! Crazy right? I've been out of the school loop for a year, as some of you know but most of you don't, since my kiddo stayed in Texas when we moved to OKC. He's back now .. YAY!!! But what does that mean? It means this mommy needs to get back in school mode! We all kind of do I'm wondering...Do they have an app for that??

    Seriously. I am all about organization and schedules and lists. My child...not so much. How do I get him organized for school...keep him organized....keep us both sane? Every year we do the same routine. I get him completely organized, labeled and ready to go. Every year it lasts for about a week and notebooks are lost, all of the 85 million (almost literally) pens and pencils have disappeared and I'm pulling my hair out. I can't be the only one right? I asked him today what his goals were for the school year and staying organized was one of them. Maybe this year will be different.

    I was browsing Pinterest today and found a few tips:

    1. A three ring binder with tabs for each subject. One binder keeps everything in one place so you are not wondering where you put something later. Have your child keep their homework as the first paper behind each tab for each subject. No more searching through every page for assignments!

    2. Pencil Pouch that goes in the binder. Everything in one place. 

    3. Filler paper at the back of the binder. Everything in one place.

    I'm seeing a trend here... lol

    4. Paper reinforcement stickers - keep in pencil pouch. This is one I have not used. GREAT idea though!!! It drives me nuts when I'm going through his binders and pages are half torn out. No wonder we are losing things.

    5. A  student planner that can go inside the binder. Everything in one place. 

    So those are just a few of the examples I found. I think they will be very helpful. Now....if we can keep the locker clean and neat, life will be great!

    If anyone has any tips for me...and everyone else who has the same issue with getting your child organized PLEASE leave them in the comments for me!!! I will take any and all advice and I'm sure everyone else will too. We REALLY need an app for that!

    Happy end of summer and start of the school year everyone!

    xo Amanda


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