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    So I found a neat kind of chart for when you should buy things, do things, go places. Some of it is common sense and some of it is pretty interesting!!  It's broken out by months, days of the week and time of day!

    What Day Is It -

    Sunday - Eat at a restauant, shop at weekend festivals and fairs. 

    Monday - Buy electronics and spa/salon services (ya! if they are open that day)

    Tuesday - Airline tickets, bars and restaurants.

    Wednesday - Groceries and hotel rooms. 

    Thursday - Museums and amusement parks.

    Friday - Weddings are cheaper to book Friday night or Sunday afternoon...regardless of the season.

    Saturday - Books


    What Time Is It -

    Morning: Movie tickets and gas. I think most of us know if you catch the first movie of the day it's always cheaper. Love that!

    Afternoon: Lunch discounts and happy hour food specials at restaurants, parking, and tickets to sporting events or plays. 

    Evening: Groceries, bakery items, coffee from a coffee shop and newspapers. 

    What to buy, do per month is going to be long....bear with me...

    What Month Is It - 


    Gift cards, holiday decor, wedding items, clothing, exercise equipment, calendars, children's toys and linens. 

    Food: Citrus fruits, broccoli, leeks, frozen turkeys

    Vacation Spot - New York

    February -

    Televisions (during Super Bowl sales), boats, NYE decor, and furniture (during Presidents day sales).

    Food: Steak, seafood, chocolate (after Valentine's Day)

    Vacation Spot - Chicago .... really??? I love Chicago but I think it would be too cold. May is a good Chicago month in my opinion. 

    March  -

    Valentines Day decor, outdoor toys, camping equipment, winter clothing, perfume and cologne. 

    Food: Corned beef and cabbage (after St. Patty's Day), and frozen food. LOL Not sure why that is funny...but it was.

    Vacation Spot - Boston


    St. Patrick's Day decor, car maintenance (during National Car Care month), snowblowers, shovels, winter weather tools.

    Food: Candy, Ham (after Easter), artichokes and zucchini 

    Vacation Spot - Southeast Asia or Europe


    Easter decor, BBQ tools and spa packages for Mother's Day

    Food: Cherries, okra, rhubarb, hot dogs, hamburgers, asparagus 

    Vacation Spot - US Virgin Islands


    Gym membership, tools (during Father's Day sales)

    Food: Tomatoes, dairy products

    Vacation Spot - Colorado, Utah, Canada, off season ski destinations.

    July -

    Fourth of July decor, jeans, and winter coats (yes, winter items start coming in this early)

    Food: Corn, plums, nectarines 

    Vacation Spot - Florida ..... If you are going to the beach! I would NOT take my family to Disney or Universal Studios this time of year. 1. Everyone is there 2. It's just too hot!

    August -

    College text books, kitchen accessories, school and office supplies

    Food: Berries, peaches, apricot, watermelon, green peppers

    Vacation Spot - Mexico - Yes!! The water is warm and no one is there! 


    Computers, swim suits, pool toys, summer clothes and shoes

    Food: Apples, broccoli 

    Vacation Spot - Hawaii

    October -

    Air conditioner, lawn mower, patio furniture

    Food: Apples, yams, grapes

    Vacation Spot - Mexico...This is the time of year I go to Disney. School is back in session, the weather is a lot cooler and the lines are very short. 


    Flooring and carpeting, grills, Halloween decor

    Food: Candy, pumpkin, cranberries

    Vacation Spot - Arizona


    Real estate, cars, golf clubs, restaurant gift cards (during holiday sales)

    Food: Pears, mushrooms, sweet potatoes

    Vacation Spot - Las Vegas

    Wow!! I know this is really long, but it has some useful information. Tell us what your favorite vacation spot is and what time of year. This list also had which flowers you should buy each month....for that list click the link here  



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