• Must Have Wardrobe Pieces

    Ok. First of all....before I start this weeks topic, I just need to say.... Researching blog topics is hard!!! Ha ha. It really is. I struggle with what I think y'all will want to read about. Your comments are important to me so ANY feedback is greatly appreciated. If you want to see more or less or just have a topic idea...Let me know!! Do you always want to read fashion stuff? Do you want random things too? 


    So here we go.....Staple wardrobe pieces. We all have our favorite pieces that are in our closets, that are the go to when we don't know what to wear. Some of theses staple pieces I'm about to list might be your go to.

    1. A fitted oxford collar button down shirt - This goes with everything. You can't go wrong with a white button down.

    2. Khaki trench coat - A classic piece that also doubles as a raincoat.

    3. V-neck sweater - Looks great layered over your white button down or worn as is, by itself. 

    4. Dark wash jeans - Go to for a casual work event or a night out by adding a cute top and heels.

    5. Black Trousers - Should be worn with the hem 1 inch above the heel line. 

    6. Pencil Skirt - While not my thing, I do like this look. The pencil skirt gives any outfit an instant polish.

    7. Little Black Dress aka LBD - In my can NEVER have too many LBDs...ever! I kind of have a little bit of a weakness for them. I 100% agree with the Duchess of Windsor when she said "When the little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in it's place".

    8. Wrap dress - Figure flattering!!! The wrap dress can pretty much be worn to any function from business to barbecues. 

    9. Ballet flats - I know there are some of you out there who just don't like flats. I get it, but this shoe is comfy AND can be a dressy shoe. 

    There ya have it! Your 9 "must have" pieces for your closet!


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