• Aaaaaaand we're back!

    Hey guys!!

    Sorry for the lack of blogging lately....we had a lot going on but now we are back to our weekly blogs and will soon be updating the website on a regular basis again! So I have a lot to catch everyone up on....

    Our Store Manager, Devin, left us to pursue what she has a passion for and what she went to school for. So we wish her the best of luck and know she will be great at her new job! So... we needed to find someone who could take over and we found Ashley!! Ashley started at the store a week or so ago and is our new Asst. Store Manager. If you haven't had the chance to meet her yet, please stop by and say HI!! 

    Here she is.... 

    I got to meet her the day we did interviews and I really like her a lot, so I know all of you will too!!! A few fun facts about Ashley are...

    1. She's a Jeep girl!!!! YAY! Jeep people are the best! Now everyone at the store...including me...even though I'm not there anymore..drives a Jeep. Except Dawn. Hmmmm...maybe we can talk her in to one??? Doubt it. LOL

    2. She loves wine! Well..... you know she's going to fit in based on that fact. 

    3. Dog lover! She has a little dachshund named Molly. Also...on a side note..I know Zoe loves her! During her interview Zoe kept wanting Ashley to hold her. 

    4. While she may not be from Texas....this girl is a Rangers fan!! Love it. a

    So again....If you haven't had the chance to meet Ashley yet, please stop by and say Hi! Welcome to the team Ashley!


    OK....Now. I know we haven't been doing much on the website lately, but as soon as I get pictures (cough cough..Dawn) I will get everything up to date and we will be ready to roll. Most of you know...we have in-store pick up available on the website as well as shipping available. So...tell your friends, family....everyone!

    I'm also going to have some Blog/Website giveaways and contests so make sure you are paying attention. We are going to start our Facebook contests again as well. 

    I know this is getting I'll end this with - Make sure you are checking Facebook, reading the weekly blog, and please if you have any suggestions about anything you want to see, etc...let me know!

    Happy Shopping!



    P.S Mention this blog post when you are in the store and get 10% off. This offer is good until next weeks blog post.

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