• Welcome to 2015 - Spring Fashion Trends

    It's 2015 and it's time to start thinking about our Spring closets! Spring fashions will soon be hitting the stores...some already have, so lets get a head start on what's hot this season!

    I left out some of the trends as they were just a little strange..... just trust me. WOW! Ok, here we go....

    What's hot?

    Floral prints

    Shirt dresses (I love this one!)

    Yellow - Even if it's not your favorite...everyone has a shade of yellow that is flattering to their skin type.


    Black & white - Well...this one is always in!

    Blue & white - For those of you who aren't fans of the darker colors.

    Kimono style trench coats..... 

    All white - I love this one too! "Spice" it up a bit by mixing textures, layering and using different shades of white. 

    One shoulder tops and dresses - hmm I think I have a top in my closet from the last time this was in! YAY

    Roomy denim - cropped and/or baggy with a slim top. I mean...add some heels or sandals and you have super cute!

    Polo style shirts - Bring out your inner prep ladies!

    Military greens - I think we all love this one. I'm glad it stuck around :)

    Yellow isn't the only color that is in this Spring... Here is your Spring 2015 Pantone color sheet:

    Happy shopping!! 

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