• Denim Tricks We Should All Know!

    I'll be the first to say.... I have a denim problem. Like....serious denim problem. I think the last time I counted I had 40 pair of jeans! Don't judge! If you worked at a boutique that specializes in denim, you would too. Dawn created a monster when she installed that first jean wall forever ago, at the old store location. I love nothing more than a great pair of jeans! It doesn't help that she is the denim guru and can sell a pair of jeans to ANYONE! She knows what she's talking about and can help you find the perfect pair. Anyway....this blog isn't about her! Or even me for that matter... ha ha It's about DENIM! 


    I found an article about how to wash your denim, break it in and even how to fold them. So I thought I'd share! It sounds a little silly to say "how to wash your denim", but when you spend $100+ on jeans you want them to last. I'm not telling you how to do your laundry, I'm helping you keep those jeans in good condition for a long time. ;) Okay so here we go............


    "Raw" denim, as in those awesome dark jeans you have with no fading or wash and is kind of stiff. You know what I'm talking about. They can take up to 6 months to properly break them in, and it's recommended that you don't wash them until then. YEAH RIGHT! I don't know if I could do that, but jeans conform to our body and when you wash them..poof, it's gone. 

    Luckily most jeans are treated so we don't have to worry about not washing them for 6 months. Whew! So you can wash your jeans more often but they should only be washed when stained or saggy. 

    But..won't they smell? Yeah, there's a tip for that too. If you hang your jeans in the bathroom while you shower, the damp steam will freshen them up for you. Ok. Sorry....I won't be doing that. Next tip please!


    Fading: Washing your denim in cold water with Woolite on the delicate cycle will help protect the wash or fading of your jeans. Also, for those dark wash jeans you have, try adding 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar on the final rinse cycle to maintain the wash.

    Drying your jeans in the dryer will also fade if you can stand hang drying them, do it. If you are like me and don't like the crunchy denim feel, you can dry them on a low setting and take them out while they are still a little damp. Then hang dry.


    Folding your denim: All of the DH girls are expert denim folders! If you want to know the best way to fold your jeans just ask us! We'd be happy to show you. For those of you who are not close to us... I can explain it, but it's definitely easier to show you. Maybe I can talk Dawn into making a video that we can post on Facebook for you! Ha ha! if you fold your jeans in half with the zipper on the inside and the label on the back of the jeans facing down. So if I'm folding them on the counter the label side is face down on the counter. Then you take the hem of the jeans and bring them up to about the pocket and fold the top of the jeans over to make a nice little denim package. 

    I'll take pictures of each step and post them.... then we will do a video for you guys soon and post on FB! It's hard to explain how to fold denim in writing. 


    Tailoring: For those of you who need to get your jeans hemmed. You should wash your jeans twice before getting them tailored! Otherwise they will shrink and you will not be happy! 

    Sizing: We always recommend you try on your jeans. Even if you know the brand and know your size. It happens. You buy the same size and brand every time, you don't try them on, you get home and they are too big or too small. It's happened to me and I know it's happened to some of you. If you don't have time to try them on and you don't know your size, there is a trick to see if they "should" fit! 

    It's kind of funny, but the "Neck Method". If you place the waistline of the jeans around your neck and they meet comfortably at the back... they should fit. We STILL recommend you try them on before you buy though. 


    I hope this helps!! See how to fold your denim below.....


     Folded in half...brand label facing counter.


     Fold hem up to the pocket.


     Then fold the top of the jeans over with the label facing up! Ta Daaaa!!




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