• Rock the jeans and boots!

    We all love to wear boots in the fall, I know I do. Some of us do not like to wear skinny jeans but we still want to be able to wear our jeans tucked in to our boots. Some of us have 3 or 4 pair of skinnies and 30 pair of boot cuts. There's also that favorite pair of boot cut jeans that look amazing on you and darn want to wear them tucked in!

    Have you ever tried to wear boot cut jeans tucked into your boot? It's hard to keep them from bunching or looking funny. Even if you tight roll your jeans ... if you are old enough to know what that is haha ... you still get that funky bump or lump in your boots.  Yes, I know, they have the boot straps that you can hold your jeans down with but not all of us want to deal with that either.

    I have a little bit of a Pinterest problem....don't we all? And I found a good step by step guide to wearing your jeans tucked in your boots. I guess it is kind of tight rolling your jeans but it's not lumpy.



    Let's see who is paying attention - If you want 10% off your next purchase, just mention that you read our blog and you got it! 

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    • Jill Daignault says...

      I’m paying attention! Blog read!

      On October 15, 2014

    • missy kesler says...

      did this trick last year, no skinny jeans for me!

      On October 08, 2014

    • Tami Bennett says...

      What a great tip!! This will even work for skinny jeans that are long and tend to bunch up. Thanks!!

      On October 08, 2014

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