• Booties and skinnies.

    You are on Pinterest... you see booties paired with skinny jeans. You are flipping through the latest fashion magazine...more booties and skinny jeans. You go to the mall and what do you see? Booties and skinny jeans! So you think.... yep, I'm going to buy some booties and wear them with my skinnies and look amazing.

    Okay! Booties bought, weather is perfect...let's do this. Wait... how exactly am I supposed to wear these things? Ugh....


    It's not just you, don't worry. We all have the same question.... and here is the answer:

    You want your jeans to be the right length... not too long, not too short. You want them to hit right around mid ankle. If your jeans are the right length you can wear without rolling them, just pull the extra fabric down so it is scrunched above the booty. If your jeans are a little long on you, just roll them twice. You don't want them to be too long though or it won't work. Leave about an inch of skin showing. I can never get the roll right, so if you are like me and don't want to fight with it; cuff your jeans so the cuff is no more that 2 inches. Again, leaving about an inch of skin showing.


    See... not scary at all! It's actually pretty easy to pull this look off.

    We would love to see how you rock the booty and skinny look! Post them to our Facebook page and get 10% off your next purchase!




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