• Ready or not....Fall is here!

    Pumpkin spice lattes, leggings, boots, scarves.... Ok, maybe it's not quite cool enough for the leggings, boots and scarves, but we will be there soon enough. Speaking of scarves, there are so many ways to wear a scarf and new trends popping up every day that it can get a little overwhelming. 


    Here are a few examples we borrowed from Pinterest that might make scarf season a little less stressful..... 


    This one looks complicated, but it's actually easy to do and great for those scarves that are a little too long. 


    Here are more common ways to wear your scarf that are quick and easy! My favorite ways are the second and third examples.

    Of course there are more examples and we could list them all day...but hopefully this will give you a little piece of mind when you get home with your fabulous new scarf and want to wear it!

    We have so many scarves ordered for this year and we know you will LOVE them! A few of our infinity scarves have already started to arrive.

    If you need help, just ask! That's why we are help you look and feel amazing.


    Hmmm.... maybe we should hold a scarf tying class? What do you think? 


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